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Josef Nygren
Founder, VD/MD

I'm an old man. I've got wrinkles and gray hair and such. And I'm way too terrible at dancing to be a black brother. So that's obviously not me in the picture. I like getting sunburned. Not a tan. A burn. I travel a lot and speak to everyone I meet, I've even high-fived and joked with royaltys (YOLO). I'm super down with cool kids language (not) and can totally flip a pancake and make it stick to the ceiling. I love dad's-jokes and big forest machines.


I Some tell me I suffer from megalomania, but they're just jealous.  

Emanuel Nygren
Founder, Economy

I'm a man without beard. Although in this picture it looks like I have. But the truth is.. that guy's not me! Really! I look nothing like that persona up there. Except for the brows. My name is right though, and I'm very proud of it. The last name in particular. Nygren is the shit. And financing and stuff. I'm quite good at math. It's my thing. I like statistics and taking chances at buying and selling shares at Avanza. And I like money. 

I'm here to make this company grow way much faster than anything you'd ever seen. Emanuel, Emme, Manuél, Mammon - call me anything. It all suits me quite well. 

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